Eric Bareke

McGill University


Holding a Computer Engineering degree, I completed my PhD in Sciences under the joint supervision of Prof. Eric Depiereux and Prof. Naji Habra at University of Namur in 2011. In 2013 (after 2 year postdoc in Dr. Sinnett Lab), I joined Dr. Jacek Majewski Lab, first as a Computational Biology PostDoc and then later as a Research Associate.
With an extensive experience of performing biological data computations and algorithm development, in-depth knowledge of computational biology and computing environments, knowledge of Java, Perl, UNIX/Linux and familiarity with molecular biology, and cancer genomics, I (co-)developed various bioinformatics tools to frame biomedical problems (PathEx, gViz, QuadGT...) and had worked on various major projects (FORGE, Care For Rare, ...).
Currently, I work on many complex (cancer and non-cancers) projects, in collaboration with several principal investigators, from different canadian research institutions and abroad.



Genetic algorithms, sequence analysis, parallel algorithms, sequence assembly and search.


Nephrotic syndromes, neuro-muscular diseases, diabetes, triple-negative breast cancers and wilms tumors.


All of my publications can be found through Pubmed or Google Scholar.


Dr. Jacek Majewski Lab, McGill University

Research Associate, Quebec/Canada

September 2016 - Now

Dr. Jacek Majewski Lab, McGill University

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Quebec/Canada

September 2013 -August 2016

Dr. Daniel Sinnett Lab, Sainte-Justine Hospital

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Quebec/Canada

September 2011- August 2013


Prof. Eric Depiereux Lab — UNamur

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

PhD (2007-2011)

Inter-university Masters — UNamur/ULB/UCL/ULg


DEA (2005-2007)

Eric Bareke — — (514) - 398-3311 (ext. 09695)